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numerology You are extremely intelligent, philosophical and imaginative! You are psychically gifted and may enjoy your own solitude. Since you choose not to take anything at face value, your path will lead you to study, test, and analyze everything. You are a born searcher and seeker of truth, and attracted to all things spiritual and mystical. Your goal is devoted to investigations into the unknown, and to finding answers to the mysteries of life. You will be successful in any field that calls for analysis, deductive reasoning, scientific knowledge or technical ability.


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Definition funny of BABIN

urbanTo "babe", be a "babe", be "attractive".

urban"Wow, check it out, that guy is Babin!"

urbanTo have the characteristics of a babe; incredibly attractive to the point of premature ejaculation.

urbanperson 1:Sweet fucking christ, Sherley is babin'! person 2:No shit sherlock.

urbanAnything that is good, awesome, or excellent. A day where nothing can go wrong is a babins day. Babins can be used anytime, anyplace, and in front of any audience.

urbanTim- "Bro, Chipotle is giving away free burritos today!" Jared- "Are you kidding me man?! That is Babins!"

urbanA made up word substituted for words such as "cool" or "great."

urbanJared: That's so babins. Curt: That's so not a word.

urbanA baby, a term of endearment, also used on cute boys = ie: puppies, kittens, anything young or cute

urbanOMG! Look at the babin over there! Awww what an adorable babin! Sam and Smoket are such cute babins.

urbanTo describe a chick that is a always a real babe. Someone that is rediculously hot, is babin'

urbanHollie is babin'

urbanSynonymous with being a bitch. Used as a term that has many uses, mostly noting the person's ability to screw up plans and not care.

urban"Wow, way to babin things up!" "Aw ya sucha babin . . ya bitch" "Aw babin get out of here before God sees you!"


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