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numerology You are a humanitarian deeply concerned about the state of the world! You are an idealist, a dreamer and a healer with great compassion. Your path will lead you to understand the interconnectedness of all things. Your healing may take the form of writing, composing, painting or even teaching. You are an educator, always acting for the benefit of others and looking for solutions from the inspirational, intuitive and creative worlds. One of the major lessons of this number is to learn to give of oneself as much as possible, without thought of reward or return. As you can well imagine, this is a difficult lesson to put into practice. Much of your effort may be spent in learning to balance others' needs and ambitions, however large or small, against your inborn desire to contribute to those in need.


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urbanan affectionate name given to a lover...usually a female.

urbanI love her so much, she is my little baboo.

urbanA really sweet boy who loves his girlfriend. The cutest boy in the world. A cutiebooo!

urbanTom is my baboo.

urbana lover named Jay Kim or Mina Chang

urban"Jay, you're a baboo!"

urbana combination of baby and boo

urbanoh that nigga is my baboo he is fine aint he

urbanBaboo is a love term or shortening of two things. The first is the normal every day thing baby and the second the american term or a loved one "boo". Thus baboo is made. It is a good nickname for people called Claire Glancy.

urban"I Dereck love that girl Claire as she is my baboo"

urbanA male lover that you do not want anyone to know you are seeing. Usually one party is of the Amish culture.

urbanMichael just told me he had a baboo! I am heartbroken because I thought he liked women!

urbanWord used to insinuate that something is stupid. Works best in the presence of a person from Indian decent as it acts as a slight insult.

urbanSaid either as: "baboooooo" (drag the end ooooo out) or "thats baboo" To add extra insult in front of an Indian person say the "thats babo" with an Indian accent.


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