Meaning The meaning of the name Jock is Diminutive Form Of John,

Origin The origin of the name Jock is English, Hebrew, Originally a pet form of John (God is gracious) and Jackson (son of Jack), Jack is now often be-stowed as an independent given name. Pet: Jackie, Jacky.,

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Numerology information JOCK:

numerology You are extremely intelligent, philosophical and imaginative! You are psychically gifted and may enjoy your own solitude. Since you choose not to take anything at face value, your path will lead you to study, test, and analyze everything. You are a born searcher and seeker of truth, and attracted to all things spiritual and mystical. Your goal is devoted to investigations into the unknown, and to finding answers to the mysteries of life. You will be successful in any field that calls for analysis, deductive reasoning, scientific knowledge or technical ability.


Additional information JOCK

additional This is the culture in which the name originated, or in the case of a word, the language.

additionalJock as a boy's name. Variant of Jacob (Hebrew) "he who supplants" or John (Hebrew) "God is gracious"..

additionalThe name Jock is an English baby name. In English the meaning of the name Jock is: God is gracious. During the Middle Ages, Jack was so common that it was used as a general term for 'man' or 'boy'. Famous Bearer: American actor Jack Lemmon..

additionalThe name Jock is a Hebrew baby name. In Hebrew the meaning of the name Jock is: Supplanter..

additionalThe name Jock is a Scottish baby name. In Scottish the meaning of the name Jock is: God is gracious. A . Today, Jock is commonly used as a nickname for someone who is heavily involved in sports and has been used in the past as a nickname for a Scot or as a slang term for a Scottish soldier..


Definition funny of JOCK

urbanTo clear things up, there is a major difference between a jock and athletes. Jocks tend to abuse their popularity, while the athletes don't really mind who they talk to or hang out with.

urbanSigns of a jock: Rude, arrogant, stupid, beats up people, dates only cheerleaders and hangs around other jocks Signs of a true athlete: Love their sport, try to stay down-to-earth (a little arrogance is expected), hang out with whoever they want, date whoever they want, might beat people up but that doesn't mean it was uncalled for.

urbanArguably the most hated, yet loved typical High-School & College-related clique ever. Jocks, to make a long story short, are athletes who are convinced that their athletic skill will help them exceed in life, where in the real world, they end up bagging groceries, or working at a used Car Dealership. Jocks only listen to Rap music, because everything Rock is "Emo" to them.

urbanGuy 1: "Remember that Jock in Sophomore year that almost beat your ass?" Guy 2: "Yeah, whatever happened to him?" Guy 1: "He pumped my fucking Gas yesterday!" *Laughter Ensues*

urbanA jock is a young male whose entire life revolves around proving that he is superior to everone else, hence, the involvement in competitive sports. Jocks are trained to trample on other people without feeling any remorse. Some females can be jocks, too. The important thing is NOT that they are actually good at sports, but that they ernestly believe that they are superior and that they act that way. They, of course, have their circle of friends (as many as possible, so as to show everyone how "friendly" they are and to make themselves feel good) who they do acknowledge as nearly their equals. But anybody else is dirt beneath their feet and not worthy to even speak to them.

urbanYou see them everywhere. Some stop being jocks after high school, when they find out they really weren't that great after all, even in their chosen sport. Others remain jocks throughout college, or welding school, or whatever. Some remain jocks into their thirties and beyond. By then, it has nothing to do with sports. It's all in the attitude as, of course, it always was.

urbanA person, who, contributes little or nothing to society. A person who usually picks on the nerd or someone smaller than him See: Coward Usually plays football or some other sport that honestly will not help them in the long run. ____________Note Below_______________ JOCKS ARE NOT MEANT TO BE CONFUSED WITH REAL ATHLETES. Real athletes strive as hard as they can to reach a certain goal they strive at IE: Swimming, Running, playing Basketball, Boxing. Many MANY Jocks cannot do these sports right, and will not anytime in the future. Jocks waste their time on such trivial things to find out that it wont matter in the future. Their lack of IQ and talent is replaced by good social skills, that wont matter in the long run either. Jocks own ricers and (Despite popular belief,) spend most of their time on the internet.

urbanThe jock is the epitome of wastefulness - An unknown Roman soldier before the fall of rome.

urbanA complete muscle head who thinks having a life riddled with friends and women who's only good feature is the body will actually get them somewhere. One who goes out of his wasy to look for flaws in people. Is always trying to look cool by wearing the latest style.

urbanread the above

urbanDumbass athletes who get all the chicks in high school. They end up bagging our groceries, cleaning public toilets and flipping burgers at McDonald's after high school. They usually like group showers with other jocks after doing their dumbass sports.

urbanI hate jocks.

urbanA term used by English people to generally describe Scottish people in a derogatory fashion (was once a common male nickname within Scotland). It is now considered to verge on racism when used by a non-Scot. The Scottish equivalent for the Irish "Paddy" or "Bog-trotter".

urban"Those bloody Jocks are at it again with their whinging over the Barnett Formula and North Sea oil revenues."


Expression information JOCK

expressionPeople with this name tend to be creative and excellent at expressing themselves. They are drawn to the arts, and often enjoy life immensely. They are often the center of attention, and enjoy careers that put them in the limelight. They tend to become involved in many different activities, and are sometimes reckless with both their energies and with money.


Soul information JOCK

soulPeople with this name have a deep inner desire for a stable, loving family or community, and a need to work with others and to be appreciated.


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