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numerology Your life path number is Master Number 22, and you were born under the most powerful and potentially most successful of all Life Path numbers. This number is often referred to as the Master Builder, and you have the unique ability to see the larger picture. You are a visionary with your feet on the ground, and you have the ability to understand and unite many people toward a single goal. Your special path will lead you to turn dreams into reality. You are a born creator of ideas that benefit humanity, and good management principles are behind what you do. Your career options could include being a planner, organizer, statesman, diplomat, ambassador or even president!


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urbanSimilar to a sponge an is an object used to clean ones self. For this reason, many people incorporating loofah into their beauty regimen prefer to use it as a dry exfoliating brush before bathing, or to grind it and use it in exfoliating scrubs.

urbanLauren used the loofah in the shower.

urbanPlant. A distant cousin of the cucumber, used as a sponge. alternate spellings: Loofa, Luffa or Lufa etc.

urbanBought me a new loofa today. Man, that thing is so soft.

urbanAnother one of Bill O'Reilly's favorite shower toys

urbanO'Reilly likes to stand behind his woman in the shower and use the loofah on her nice breasts before he rubs her p*ssy with a falafel

urbana rare variety of tropical arabian horses used primarily in the transportation of illegal drugs and other goodies

urbanKeith: How much do you feed your loofah? It's so fat!

urbanThe incorrect usage of the shower item known correctly as a "poof." Also see loofa

urban"Try using your tongue during meetings. Its like a bath and a loofah all in one." From: www.dilbert.com

urbanA lukewarm feeling about something; mediocre

urban"I'm not sure about that color in the kitchen. I'm feeling very loofah about it."


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