Meaning The meaning of the name Quetzal is Precious Flower, Queen,

Origin The origin of the name Quetzal is Aztec, ,

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Numerology information QUETZAL:

numerology You are a humanitarian deeply concerned about the state of the world! You are an idealist, a dreamer and a healer with great compassion. Your path will lead you to understand the interconnectedness of all things. Your healing may take the form of writing, composing, painting or even teaching. You are an educator, always acting for the benefit of others and looking for solutions from the inspirational, intuitive and creative worlds. One of the major lessons of this number is to learn to give of oneself as much as possible, without thought of reward or return. As you can well imagine, this is a difficult lesson to put into practice. Much of your effort may be spent in learning to balance others' needs and ambitions, however large or small, against your inborn desire to contribute to those in need.


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additional This is the culture in which the name originated, or in the case of a word, the language.



Definition funny of QUETZAL

urbanA quick Pretzel

urbanHow could you not know what a Quetzal it's a quick pretzel

urban1) A monetary unit of Guatemala, equal to 100 Centavos. 2) The National Bird of Guatemala. 3) Word used in a nonsense fashion by MAD Magazine.

urbanShipping an issue of MAD from New York to Guatemala by ground will cost 2000 Quetzals (think it's easy to drive through Central America?).

urbanA type of person that is said to annoy 98% of people. Although it is nearly impossible for the syntoms not to come on. (Pessimistic behavior and high annoyance) 2% of people with rare genetics are immune to quetzal. Thus said, there is no vaccination. Yet there is a cure. This cure is high hostility and a "sour attitude" towards the quetzals.

urbanSorry man. Today I'm just down in the quetzals.

urbanA very short, gorgeous girl; Everyone loves her and think shes the best, because well she is

urbanQuetzal is super pretty, man i wish i was her

urbanthe dragons' teacher on the show Dragon Tales

urbanWhen Emmy needed advice about taking a rhyme bird she named Cutie Pie home, she asked Quetzal, their teacher, and he agreed that it wasn't a good idea. She eventually left Cutie Pie her hair ribbon that Cassie, the peach dragon, made for her until she returned to Dragon Land.


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