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numerology You are romantic, peace-loving, compassionate and considerate, and you live to love! Your life path mission is to achieve balance between giving and receiving. Sympathetic and caring, you are a born counselor, and your life path number symbolizes the principles of nurturing and harmony. You are the teacher, the trainer and the parent. You will love any job where you can make life more comfortable, easy and luxurious for others.


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urbanIt is an old Arabic male name which means just and a person being fair. "Saif ibn dhi Yazan" was a Yemeni Himyarite king who lived between 516 and 574 CE.

urbanYou can say: "Let us do what he says he wouldn't cheat on us, he is really Yazan".

urbanA street legend who escaped from jail 4 times and murdered 17 police officers. credible sources say he has now successfully hidden himself somewere in the midst of Ontario, Canada

urbanYazan was charged with man slaughter. He murdered his first officer in 1989 in order to escape from prison.

urbanYazan is a sexy man of arab descent who has the capabilities of doing anything. He is usually muscular and spends hours in the gym at a time. A usual day for Yazan is gyming, eating, chilling and partying. This usually results in him ending his day by sleeping with a girl or multiple girls just to repeat this process again. He is a man of many skills; one of them being that girls latch to his arms easier than catching flies with honey. He is extremely good looking and is considered by girls as beautiful, sexy, handsome and gorgeous. Yazan is one of a kind. Myths report that his looks, body and wit were descended from a god but he is only a Yazan.

urban1. Look at that guy walking into the club, he looks like a god. 2. I must agree, he is extremely good looking. 1. Should we talk to him? 2. Yeah, lets go! ****both girls grab his arms*** 1. Whats your name? 2. Ughh I know, has to be Yazan! 1. Yeah you look like a Yazan 3. Doesnt matter, you girls want to leave to my place? 1. Definitely 2. Of course! **Leaves** 4. Did you just see that guy? He's such a Yazan! 5. Hah, watch how I am about to Yazan these girls 4. Sure, if only you were a Yazan...



urbanCommon name in Islamic cultures. Usually given to skinny males with a dark appearance. Claims to posses great skills in his male genitals, but it is refuted by female neighbors.

urbanLook at that, he's like a Yazan.

urbanA Thot

urbanStop being a Yazan

urbanYazan is a gamer who likes the game fortnite especially he as a friend called aidan and another called jayden, he does wierd shit with them

urbanyazan is cool


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