Meaning long life,

Origin Sanskrit,

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numerology You are extremely sensitive and insightful, and you have the makings of a born diplomat! Your path will lead you to seek balance and harmony in everything you do, and one of the major lessons of this life path number is to learn to balance your sensitivity. Rather than becoming hurt or resentful because of your unusual sensitivity, you must learn to use this gift to build cooperation, teach compromise and patience, and become a peacemaker. You were born to relate to others and your mission in life is to bring people together. You will be successful in any venture that allows you to mediate, negotiate, take care of details or gather facts. Your awareness, diplomatic skills and organizational talents gives you the unique ability to accomplish much.


Additional information AYUS

additionalAyush is a good name choice for parents who are looking for something that will their child wealth, affluence and a long life..


Definition funny of AYUS

urbanThe nickname fans use for Ayumi Hamasaki, a Japanese singer.

urbanCrowd at a Ayumi Hamasaki concert shouting "Ayu! Ayu! Ayu!"

urbanAyu means beautiful in javanesse (a language of an ethnic group in java island, indonesia).

urban"My name is Meydita Ayu Larasati."

urban1. A type of small fish. 2. A nickname Ayumi Hamasaki gave herself. She sometimes use "Ayu" in place of "I".

urban1. I had fried ayu for dinner. 2. Ayumi Hamsaki could say: "Ayu has a new album coming up, it's called Secret."

urbanass, booty, anus, junk

urbanI wanna fuck your sexy, juicy ayus girl.

urban(1) A small asian girl who goes to school out of town and dates your best friend. Ayu's also drive eclipses. (2) A sexual act on a large balcony facing the street, also known as the "philly fake-out"

urban(1) THOMAS: Shes fine but she goes with my best friend. DANIEL: Oh, shes just an Ayu. (2)THOMAS: Last night I, Thomas, was having sex on a large balcony and my cousin James was hiding in the curtains. With perfect harmony and rhythm on my signal my cousin James leaped into motion and began stroking my girlfriend, hence, we pulled a "switchy". Then, cunninly i left the large balcony and ran down onto the next street and waved hello to my girlfriend who unknowingly was getting stroked with perfect harmony and rhythm by my cousin James! DANIEL: Righteous bro! THOMAS: Ya, we pulled an Ayu!

urbanAre you up it can also be abbreviated ruu or r u up or ru up

urbanMike:ayu Selena:yea


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