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Origin Irish,

Bayne Expression, Bayne Soul Urge, Bayne Inner Dream


Numerology information BAYNE:

numerology Extroverted, energetic, resourceful and adventurous, you are impatient and hungry for the taste of life! You'll approach many forks along your path, and you'll welcome each change as a new opportunity. Change is the name of the game for you, as is championing freedom. You are a born progressive, forward-thinking, liberal and super resourceful. You are also active, daring, non-conventional, unpredictable, and attracted by physical senses and indulgences. Pragmatic and opportunistic, you can be very persuasive. You will succeed in any career that calls for energizing power rather than routine.


Additional information BAYNE

additionalThe name Bayne is an English baby name. In English the meaning of the name Bayne is: Bridge..

additionalBayne as a boy's name is of Irish and Gaelic origin meaning "pale bridge"..


Definition funny of BAYNE

urban-the sexiest chick you will ever meet -the envy of every girl (or guy, you know, whatever floats your boat) -almost every guy wants to get with her -a beast in bed -also know as sex on legs -a nice booty

urbanguy 1-"hey did you see that girl over there" guy 2-"yeah dude, she was so fucking hot! id get with that!" guy 1"yeah i would say she was a total Bayne!"

urbanbayne, is the biggest baddest mofo around, most famous for his shotgun charges in early cs, and then his fpn90's attacks in latter dates, he is bayne, ph33r him

urbanbombs "fuck, i heard an fpn90, bayne's coming bayne "youre all fucked now mofo's" *hs*hs*hs*hs* ::counter-terrorists win::

urban(verb) Bayn; or Bayned; Baynes - to inflict harm upon small creatures with great mirth and malice, especially halflings or gnomes.

urban"I raised my longspear and Bayned him right in the ass with it."

urbanbaynes bane-s -verb baynesed, to baynes 1. To have something good (object or situation) then ruin it by being a putz. Synonyms: Asshole, putz, I.S.T., nigger, fail, waste Antonyms: Awesome, cool, heterosexual

urban1. I had a sweet new Volvo but I baynesed it when I tried to take a hairpin exit at 80 and mercked into trees. 2. I got baynesed when I broke my leg two weeks into high school at football practice and was known as 'the kid who broke his leg' for the next 4 years.


Expression information BAYNE

expressionPeople with this name tend to be quiet, cooperative, considerate, sympathetic to others, adaptable, balanced and sometimes shy. They are trustworthy, respecting the confidences of others, and make excellent diplomats, mediators and partners. They are often very intuitive. They like detail and order, and often find change worrisome. They may sometimes feel insecure or restless.


Soul information BAYNE

soulPeople with this name have a deep inner desire for a stable, loving family or community, and a need to work with others and to be appreciated.


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