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numerology Your life path number is Master Number 22, and you were born under the most powerful and potentially most successful of all Life Path numbers. This number is often referred to as the Master Builder, and you have the unique ability to see the larger picture. You are a visionary with your feet on the ground, and you have the ability to understand and unite many people toward a single goal. Your special path will lead you to turn dreams into reality. You are a born creator of ideas that benefit humanity, and good management principles are behind what you do. Your career options could include being a planner, organizer, statesman, diplomat, ambassador or even president!


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urbanweed, hydro, roach,blunt

urbanman, dis dozier keep me hi it got me feelin like i'm ready 2 die!!!!!!!!!!!!!

urbana person who acts as a slave to somone else and doesnt expect a thank you or reembursment

urbanGarf: crawl on your knees to the pop machine buy me a drink with your money crawl back lick my dick then say thank you for letting you do that Andrew: yes master Paolo: andrews such a dozier

urbanA school in the Newport News school district that's so ghetto they spell it G-E-T-T-O. It's mostly black posers and hot-headed morons who pick fights over spilled juice (because that really did happen). Most kids are either goth, dumb populars, or jocks. Everyone is a perv. There is an average of 3 fights per school year. The teachers are stupid pushovers who like to yell, unreasonably punish, and call security on headstrong retards.

urbanPerson A: Did you here about that fight when ______ spilled ______'s orange juice? Person B: Yeah, only Dozier is ghetto enough for that.

urbanA term for calling somebody fat.

urbanCory: Hey Dozier, can't get the seatbelt on? Chris (overweight): Comedy Central is calling your number!


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