Meaning The meaning of the name Gilda is Golden,

Origin British, The origin of the name Gilda is English,

Gilda Expression, Gilda Soul Urge, Gilda Inner Dream


Numerology information GILDA:

numerology Your life path number is Master Number 22, and you were born under the most powerful and potentially most successful of all Life Path numbers. This number is often referred to as the Master Builder, and you have the unique ability to see the larger picture. You are a visionary with your feet on the ground, and you have the ability to understand and unite many people toward a single goal. Your special path will lead you to turn dreams into reality. You are a born creator of ideas that benefit humanity, and good management principles are behind what you do. Your career options could include being a planner, organizer, statesman, diplomat, ambassador or even president!


Additional information GILDA

additionalThe name Gilda is a Celtic baby name. In Celtic the meaning of the name Gilda is: Serves God..

additionalThe name Gilda is an English baby name. In English the meaning of the name Gilda is: Golden. Also an abbreviation of Teutonic names containing -gilde, such as the Old English name Earmengild..

additionalThe name Gilda is an American baby name. In American the meaning of the name Gilda is: Serves God..

additionalGilda as a girl's name is of Old English origin meaning "golden or gilded"..

additional This is the culture in which the name originated, or in the case of a word, the language.


Definition funny of GILDA

urbanOften mispronounced Ghi-l-da it is pronounced Gee-l-da. Teachers will often pronounce the name wrong at which the Gilda in question will get calmy correct the teacher. A Gilda usually has good grades.

urbanGhilda? I’m here sir, and its Gilda

urbana chick so pretty that pathetic losers sitting around dreaming of how glamourous it would be to be her.

urbanEmily and Cavin are such gildas.

urbanGreek term translates into "Servant of God"

urbanThe word Gilda means 'servant of God'.

urbananother name for a wig. Urban NY, Chicago and DC drag queen referred to their wigs as "gilda's" paying homage to the late Gilda Radner.

urbanI best be painting my face and throwing on my gilda to snatch a trophy at the ball tonight!!

urbana brand of saltine crackers which are called galletas in spanish. It is also a form of cuban slang which is used to signify a slap on the face.

urbanOye chico, si no paras de joder te voy a dar tremenda gilda.

urbana fat chick who is obssesed with sucidal men.

urbanGilda loves Nick, really weird kid.

urbanA turd who is a turdtopia ruler. Usually known as the short kid

urbanThat girl is so wierd. She is such a gilda


Expression information GILDA

expressionPeople with this name have a deep inner desire to use their abilities in leadership, and to have personal independence. They would rather focus on large, important issues, and delegate the details.


Soul information GILDA

soulfor harmony and balance in their lives, and respond positively to beautiful things.


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